THE JOURNALISTS’ CRY OF WRATH: LET’S REVERSE THE ATTACK by Asyntaxtos Typos / Non-Aligned Journalists Movement, Thessaloniki, Greece

The journalists’ cry of wrath: let’s reverse the attack

Today, Greece is a socially flaming country, where the community as a whole, as well as the workers (including those working in the media) are under the brutal attack of the policies of the IMF-the EU-the occupational government and the rapists of our lives, with the antilabor tsunamis hitting one after the other. We are already experiencing a generalized attack in the working world, with the strengthening of the antilabor legal arsenal (individual employment agreements, part time work, business employment agreements), the wrecking of the work relations regulation framework, the infringement of the collective employment agreements, the imposition of individual employment agreements, the implementation of flexible forms of employment of every kind, the cutbacks in salaries, the delays in payments, the massive layoffs, the work marginalization, the threats, the blackmails and the general terrorization of the workers by state or private employees, with big private tv station owners and publishers leading the way in the most antilabor actions.

These conditions of insecurity, fear, poverty, unemployment and terror, favor the flourishing of an unfree journalism, the victim of which is information, in order to continue the thieving exploitation without protesting voices and effective resistance. This explains the manipulation of the media and the journalists.

Same time, the journalists of the base do not agree with the following policies of the Unions’ administrations. We are very critical to their stand of inaction, considering them very reluctant and compromised to the attacks we are suffering and responsible for degradation of the journalists’ union movement. That’s why the demand of real democracy and fully transparent procedures are on time, which are raised already in the society.

All together, coordinated and decisively, we can and must defend the red lines: Collective Employment Agreements – Job positions – Freedom of press and Ethics

We must be mobilized immediately for:

-The endorsement of a long lasting strike in all the media in the country, with central requests the signing of a collective employment agreement, the fortification of the work places and of the social commodity-right of information.

-The progression to all the possible acts, through the unions or the law, in order to reverse all the latest layoffs and cuts, to void the part time work and the individual agreements and in general to call off all elastic forms of black employment in all the media in the country.

-The immediate pursuit of a definitive regulation of the blurry scenery in the private radio and television stations, by aiming to connect the operation licenses with the number of work places, and the work solidification of employment at internet media.

-The safekeeping in every way of the public character in total of Greek Public R/TV and the press agency APE/ MPE and the effective advocacy of the existence and operation of all municipal media.

-Initiatives towards the cementing of our insurance rights, by immediately supporting the unemployed and underemployed.

-Proceeding with the creation of a fighting and massive third grade Press Syndicate in Greece.

We can break the fear and terrorism and walk the steps of resistance, fight, solidarity, dignity.

Asyntaxtos Typos / Non-Aligned Journalists Movement, Thessaloniki, Greece

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